Research interests: My research interests have broadened over the years. Starting previously from comparative Corporate Governance research between Japan and Germany, I became interested more and more in many aspects of International Business. Speaking in this sense, I am interested in whatever comes into Japan, whether it is people, money or products. Therefore, my research area covers the following four areas:

  • Corporate Governance : especially research on board room issues
  • Human Resource Management: especially expatriates and leadership issues
  • Marketing: especially foreign firms coming to Japan, cross country and multi country research
  • Finance: especially M&A research, banking issues

Research related lectures: Elected professor for teaching at Kobe University SESAMI Program in 2013: Advanced International Business. From 2010 until 2012 Ordinary lecture at PhD and Master level at Business Faculty of Kobe University: International Business. From 2005 to 2009 Ordinary lecture: Oushuukeizairon (Theory of European Economics and Business). These lectures for 5 consecutive years were delivered completely in Japanese language.

Additional guest professorships at Japanese universities (full lectures):

  • Ritsumeikan University (from 2009 until today): International Business (in English)
  • Osaka University of Economics (from 2015 until 2019) Mergers and Acquisitions (in Japanese language).
  • Konan University(from 2006 until 2015), 9 consecutive years about Corporate Governance and M&A
  • Doshisha University and Ryukoku University at Kyoto

Additional guest professorships at foreign universities:

  • Tuebingen, Kiel and Goettingen University, in Germany
  • Taiwan National Normal University, Taipei.


Research related membership at research associations:

National (in Japan):

  • Management Association (Keiei Gakkai)
  • Japanese Finance and Management Association (Nihon keiei kanri kenkyu gakkai)
  • Japanese Business History Association (Keiei Gakushi gakkai)


  • Academy of Management (AOM)
  • Academy of International Business (AIB)
  • Australian New Zealand Management Association (ANZAM)
  • Association of Japanese Business Studies (AJBS)